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Daniel's Prophesy

 History of the Future


 The Biblical book of Daniel outlines awesome future events and the configuration of nations from Daniel's time right up to the return of Jesus Christ. However, even though the book seems mostly prophetic, its actual focus isn’t prophesy at all. It is our hope this site will give insight into the real purpose of the book of Daniel, how the book relates to the rest of the Bible, what God reveals about himself, and what God’s plans are for the future.



What you'll find on this site...

  • A look at King Nebuchadnezzar's statue
  • The statue and the four beasts (you might be surprised at their identity!)
  • Choosing to worship God over "gods"
  • The seventy "sevens" - a misunderstood prophecy
  • Coming Soon - Daniel 11 & 12 - A timeline from Cyrus until the return of Jesus Christ.
  • What's going to happen next with the United States in the Middle East, and how will the current financial crisis be resolved?
  • To find our more - Order the book, Daniel's Prophesy: History of the Future and a Message to the Elect; Just go to Amazon.com or IUniverse.com bookstore section and write in "Daniels Prophesy"